Little and Ayers Family Information

Martha Little created a family book with pictures of her mother and father and her grandparents, as well as her brothers and sisters.  The beginning of this book which has now been made into an electronic copy is shown here.

First part of book)


Family Letters from 1856 – 1912

These documents contain a number of family letters written from the mid 1800s to the 1920s.  There are a number of love notes involving Miss Lizzie and her adorers.  From one letter you can tell that she is most interested in one “Mr. Leland Little.”

Love Letter to Grandmother from Bill 09121900

Will to Grandmother 12081895

WA DeLamar to Grandmother 07271894

Savannah Teacher 09221923

RLL to Lizzie in Hartwell 10171899

Neal to Lizzie 10291899

Miss Lizzie Invite Toccoa Falls 05251897



Remarkable Women of Franklin County

Four of the women who lived in the Ayers/Little house were honored on Wednesday, October 28, 2008, at the program called “A Salute To Remarkable Women of Franklin County, Georgia.  To see a complete list of all the women in the county that were honored go to: women franklin co.

The Ayers/Little family members (and who actually lived in the Ayers/Little house at some point) who were honored are as follows:

Lizzie Ayers Little – Honorable Mention for Business – The following is a copy of the page from the program listing Lizzie Ayers Little:

Elizabeth Ayers Little  - RWOFC

Emelyn L. Adair – Honorable Mention for Education –  The following is a copy of the page from the program listing Emelyn L. Adair:

Emelyn L. Adair - RWOFC

Martha Elizabeth Little – Honored in  the Religion Category – The following is the description included in the program of Martha Elizabeth Little:

Martha Elizabeth Little - RWOFC

Aline Shannon Little Simpson – Honored in the Literature & History category.  The following is the description included in the program of Aline Shannon Little Simpson:

Aline Little - RWOFC

Judge William R. Little Memorial

William R. Little was born in Franklin County on December 6, 1850, the son of Crawford and Lucinda (Neal) Little, and the grandson of James H. Little, a soldier of the War of the Revolution who moved from Elbert County to Franklin County about the year 1800, and clearing the lands settled at what is known as the Little homestead, where Mr. Little was born. While a student at the Martin Institute, he met Miss Martha Dudley Few of a prominent Morgan County family, a descendant of William Few, one of the first U. S. Senators from Georgia, and a great-niece of Ignatius Few, first president of Emory College.  They were married December 3, 1872 and lived in loving companionship for more than 40 years.  Ten children blessed their union. Judge Little passed away on May 30, 1926, and the Franklin Superior Court appointed a committee to prepare and report a commemorative of the life, character and services of the Honorable William R. Little, “late a member of the bar of this court.”  To see a copy of the publication made of the various memorial services honoring Judge Little go to Memorial to Judge Little.   (Be aware that this document may take a while to download.)